Artifact’s latest December Update is now live on Steam for all Windows, Mac and Linux users.
In order to get the new update you should close and reopen the Steam client app.

The new Artifact updatehas the build number set to 1.1 and the first thing you need to know is that Call to Arms event has been expanded and you can now play using two brand new preconstructed decks: Death from Above and Dark Aggro are these called.
Also, now in Call to Arms you will find a Random Mode on it. The Random Mode will randomly select a preconstructed deck for you to play with, and test your knowledge when using a deck your not familiar with.

The Call to Arms event now features a Leaderboard where you will be able to check who is the best globally and who is the best in your friends list. The Leaderboards will feature the players with the highest consecutive wins only.

The best new feature in Artifact 1.1 is the Chat Wheel. This feature allows you to communicate with your opponent using preset hero messages, or by sending a custom message.
In order to chat with your enemy you simply need to hover over a creep or a hero card and press “Y”, then select a message to send or create your own message using the “custom message” option.

Also, now in Artifact you can ask the opponent if he wants to chat via normal Steam chat. For those of you that don’t want to talk to anyone and keep the silence, then you can always choose to Mute chat.

Artifact 1.1 comes with Automated Open Tournament to be used by those that don’t have the time to setup their own tournaments, and only want to jump in a new tournament faster than before.
In these Open Tournaments you will find a cool challenge which will have you using decks made of common cards only, and you will be able to switch between decks for every match.

Also, Open Tournaments features a mode called Free-for-All which will require you to win as many games as possible in 3 hours time. You can play against each enemy twice, and when the 3 hours time expires the one with the most wins during that time will be declared the winner.

Another cool feature added in Artifact 1.1 is the BOT Gauntlets with support for selecting AI difficulty, too. The BOT Gauntlets will function like the other normal gauntlets, as you will have to win five games against the BOT before losing two. The BOT Gauntlet decks you will face will get better and better as you progress through the gauntlet.

One of the most important new features added today is the Color Blind Support. This new feature should’ve been present in the game right from the start, but for some reason Valve decided on releasing it almost a month after the official game launch.
Besides all these new features there are tons of bug fixes applied after the update is complete. You can check all of these changes here.

Tell us in comments what you think about this new update and what other things should be added in the future.

NOTE: Valve will release a new official update next week, one that should feature a “skill-based progression system”. This future Artifact progression system is their priority right now, as it is something we all want because it allows everyone to be matched against opponents of similar skill.

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