Valve and PlayArtifact developers have launched a brand new official update for Artifact.
This new update comes with various bug fixes, UI improvements and extra changes done to the chat features.

Yesterday we told you that the Call to Arms event was prolonged and that a new update will most likely not be released this week, but it seems like we were wrong and today a 50MB update has been rolled out for Artifact.

Artifact version 1.2 update brings the following changes:

  • Added bindable key for you to set when wanting to type a custom message when using the active lane’s tower
  • chat wheel mute button is now more visible
  • increased maximum characters allowed for typing custom messages
  • “Chat with Opponent” button has been replaced with the “Add Friend” option. This will be shown at the end of the game. If the opponent is already is your friends list, then you will see the old “Chat with opponent” option.
  • Last Action section now shows the mini card on the game’s HUD – previously it showed an empty card outline and you had to hover over it in order to view the “last card played”.
  • now you can add and receive friend requests at the end of the game or using the in-game Steam icon

The new January 2019 Artifact Update also brings some changes for the in-game clock. These changes affect all the game clocks used in Artifact’s various game modes: tournament, standard, and gauntlets.

  • From now on when your its your turn, the game clock will wait an extra 5 seconds before starting the countdown.
  • Tournament timers will now grant 30 seconds for round and it starts at 2:30 –  previously this was set a 1 minute per round and 3:00 for the whole game.
  • Draft Gauntlets and Constructed Gauntlets will use tournament timer from now on.
  • Call to Arms and Global Matchmaking will use the new updated standard timer.

These were the improvements and changes done to Artifact. The update is available through Steam – open the app and the update should be applied automatically.

NOTE: Imp holiday hats are gone.

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