Artifact 1.1 Update has added some new features, it fixed bugs and it has extended the featured event up until the 11th of January.
Call to Arms now features 8 different decks and a leaderboard for each of these decks.

The Call to Arms event is a game mode that will have you playing using preconstructed decks. There are 8 different decks for you to choose from, and each of these decks are capable of beating all the other ones – as there is no weak deck in the Call to Arms event list.

Now that Call to Arms event has been prolonged you can continue building your best win streak and you will be happy to know that now you can find a Leaderboard featured for each deck.

There is a Leaderboard for each preconstructed Call to Arms deck and you will be ranked according to your best consecutive win streak.
The featured decks are the following ones: Death and Taxes, Green Machine, Trench Warfare, Ascendance, Out of Control, Death from Above, Upkeep Killer, and Dark Aggro.
However, the best deck/ mode you can play in Call to Arms is the Random Mode.

Random Mode in Artifact will have you playing using a random deck from the Call to Arms decks, and you will be pitted against other players using the same Random Mode as you. Let me tell that this mode is the most fun I’ve had in Artifact since the game has been launched, as all the games are different every time you get matched with someone.

If you have played Artifact when it first launched and then forgot about it, then you should get back and give the new Random Mode a try, as I promise you that you will get great games and you will be able to improve on your skills too.

The Random Mode will better prepare you for the Constructed Modes, as you will constantly look to better use all your in-hand cards and get the best out of them in order to get your win. Also, when playing a random deck you will start to better analyze the enemy deck and prepare for its next move.

Tell us in comments what you think about Artifact and its “new” expanded Call to Arms event.

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