Valve has launched Artifact, and now it can be played by everyone around the world.
If you’ve bought the game you should check your Steam account, as the game download should be available for everyone.

Artifact comes with two complete pre-made decks: one Red/ Green and another Blue/ Black. Both packs contain 54 cards each, and you can use them to learn the game, but you should eventually start building around them in order to be able to win in more competitive games.

In addition to the base game everyone will receive 10 additional booster packs. All the booster packs will contain a hero, a rare card, and two items. These types of packs are purchasable for $2, and you can purchase them right from the in-game menu.

In Artifact you will get 5 event tickets after purchasing the game. These event tickets can be used to enter in Expert Constructed, Phantom Draft and Keeper Draft.
All these modes can be found under Expert Play, and you should access them only when you’re sure that you can go against any other Artifact player.

In Expert Constructed you will be playing against others, as it is a gauntlet mode and you will have to build your own deck from the cards that you already own. 
In Gauntlet modes you will have to win 5 games before losing 2. For 3 wins you will be gifted a new ticket; for 4 wins you will get 1 ticket and 1 Booster pack; If you win 5 games and complete the Gauntlet you will be given 2 tickets and 3 extra packs.

In Artifact you will find a Phantom Draft under Expert Play. This mode will require 1 ticket to play, and you will have to build your own deck by choosing from a number of cards given to you by the game randomly.
There is also a Keeper Draft, a mode which allows you to keep the drafted cards in case you complete the 5-win before 2-loses Gauntlet.
For Keeper Draft the rewards are as following: 3 wins gets you 2 tickets and 1 pack, 4 wins gives you 2 tickets and 2 packs, while completing the Gauntlet will have you receiving 2 tickets and 3 packs. In order to enter the Keeper draft you will have to use 2 tickets.

In Artifact there are free to play game modes, too, such as Call to Arms, Global Matchmaking, Casual Constructed and Casual Phantom Draft.
Global Matchmaking will pit you against players around the same skill level as you, but you will have to enter a deck built by yourself.
Casual Constructed allows you to test your skills in Gauntlet format, while Casual Phantom Draft will have you choosing cards randomly like your would in Phantom Draft – Expert Play mode (the one listed several lines above).

Artifact also features a Social Play mode that you can use to challenge your Steam friends to a duel. The Tournaments mode under Social Play allows you to create a custom tournament with multiple players.

Artifact has just been launched, but now that it is live for everyone I can honestly say that I’ve had the most fun since the game’s first Beta build has gone live. In Beta you would’ve been pitted against pro and better players almost every time you entered a game, while now you will be playing against players with a similar set of skills.

Tell us in comments what you think about the game and what type of a deck are you sporting right now.
NOTE: don’t panic in case you haven’t received the 10 Booster Packs after completing the tutorials, as this is a bug that has been present since the Beta went live.
The game servers are still processing all the players and eventually everyone will get their gifts in the following 24 hours.

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