Artifact has been confirmed for Android and iOS devices and it will be launched in 2019 for all mobile devices running such operating systems. Check the details below.

This launch will make Artifact the first mobile game that is going to run on Valve’s Source 2 engine. The original Source engine has been the base for most games launched by Valve, but they are now looking to start a brand new era and optimize their Source game engine for both mobile and PC gaming.

Artifact is mostly known as the Dota 2 Card Game, as most of its lore and stories are based in the Dota 2 Universe. Artifact has been in development since Valve added Richard Garfield as a lead designer for a new digital card game. Richard Garfield is the man begin Magic: The Gathering, one of the most popular fantasy card games for more than 25 years.

Artifact for Android and iPhone devices will be released in 2019, but we can’t offer you a definitive release date, as Valve is keeping the announcement hidden from public at this moment. At this moment we know that the game will be launched on PC, Mac and Linux systems on November the 28th. Also, the game will enter the Beta phase this October, but you can play it only with a beta key.

Artifact will cost $20 on computers, and we think that this will be the price for iPhone and Android devices, too. We 100% expect the game to have cross platform support, allowing you to play against other players using any device regardless of its operating system.

Artifact will only feature online player vs player gameplay, so you shouldn’t expect any type of singleplayer campaign from it. If you’re eager to test the game first on computers, then you can wait for the end of November to arrive and buy it, so that you will be already familiarized with the gameplay and all cards.

In the Artifact base game, state of game at launch date, there will be more than 280 cards and no less than 48 heroes all divided in four color-based classes. Until Artifact gets released for iPhone and Android devices we can expect Valve to push new cards seeing that the game will surely evolve pretty fast between the original release date for computers and the mobile devices launch.

Artifact will cost $20 to buy, and it will also offer players the possibility to purchase additional card packs from the Steam Store, too. Since Valve is the creator of the game, then it means that we will be able to buy and sell cards using the Steam Marketplace, just like it’s done with other Valve titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2 games. So, if you find a very rare/ really powerful card, then you might want to sell it and get something back for playing the game.

If you’re a hardcore card game player, then you will be pleased to know that Valve has announced that they will push the Artifact’s development towards a competitive eSports scene, which means that we will get tons of tournaments after the release date is official. In case you intend on taking the challenge and starting a career in Artifact eSports, then you should already start looking for a beta key and test the game when the beta for PC is released. Feel free to tell us in comments below what you think about Artifact and if you’re planning on buying it for your iPhone/ Android device.

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