Artifact official launch is not far away, as the game should go live tomorrow for everyone.
Also, the game can be pre-loaded by those that have pre-ordered the game, too.

PlayArtifact has confirmed via Twitter that they are “aiming to release Artifact between 1 PM and 2 PM PST on Wednesday”. If you’re from another region, then you should use and find out at what hour will the game go live for you.

If you haven’t bought the game already, then you can go to Steam and buy it for $20.
The game comes with two pre-made decks consisting of 54 cards each, 10 additional booster packs with 12 cards inside, and five event tickets to be used for more advanced and competitive game modes.

In case you’ve purchased the game already, then you should open Steam and pre-load the game before the launch gets here. We hope that Valve will respect the game release time and we get the game tomorrow.

The two pre-made decks gifted with the game are separated by colors as one is Red/ Green and the other contains Black/ Blue cards. In order to improve your decks you will also be gifted 10 booster packs.

The Booster packs are also available for purchase after the launch for $2. Each Booster pack contains at least a rare card, two items, and a hero card. Keep in mind that in case you don’t wish to buy Booster packs, then you can earn them by winning Gauntlets and get them for free.

Tell us in comments if you’ve bought the game, and what type of deck you’re planning on building when Artifact launch gets here.

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