Artifact’s new update will roll out tomorrow worldwide, and it will come with two new important features: in-game chat support and color blind accessibility options.

PlayArtifact has confirmed that the new update for Artifact will roll out on Thursday, which is tomorrow. The new update comes packed with several new features like in-game chat. Also, we should be getting some bug fixes and game improvements.

The Artifact update will offer in-game chat support via cards, normal Steam chat window and support for setting up custom messages for your heroes. Another great thing that will be added in this new version will be the support for those with colorblindness, which should’ve been in the game right from the start.

The new Artifact update should go live tomorrow for everyone, and in order to get it you simply need to launch Steam and wait for it to arrive. Also, once the update is rolled out we will see the Call to Arms event come to an end – it should be replaced by a new free event.

Artifact developers have also announced that they will roll out a second update next week, and a third major one in the first month of 2019. We’re hoping that they are going to add a ranking system in the game as soon as possible, so that we will have some for of game progression in Artifact.

Tell us in comments what you think about the new features, and what you’re hoping to get in the following month from Artifact’s dev team.

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