Call to Arms is the main event that Valve rolled out with Artifact.
The event now has been prolonged for another two weeks, which means that the next major update will be released on that date, too.

Artifact is not doing that well in terms of active players and the community is somewhat upset about the way Valve managed the Artifact launch. However, a few weeks ago, the developers posted a tweet stating that they are working on improving the game and that they in it “for the long haul”.

Until now we got two updates from Valve, and the next one should be launched before the end of this month.
The previous update changed hero stats, modified some spells, and nerfed the Cheating Death improvement.
Cheating Death’s effect previously said that “if there is an allied green hero in this lane, allies have a 50% chance of surviving with 1 health when they would die”, and now the effect has been changed to “Active 1: Give a unit a Death Shield this round. May only be used if there is an allied green hero in this lane”.

The change done to Cheating Death was the most requested thing, as all players considered it to be really overpowered. The new Artifact update will most likely change some other cards, too. We hope to get some news about the next update some time next week.

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