Valve will end the Call to Arms gauntlet event later this week, and everyone is waiting to learn what new decks we will get with the next event.

Call to Arms is an Artifact event that allows players to test all types of decks for free without needing to go through the hassle of building their own decks. If you haven’t done it already, then you should try all decks before the event ends.

In Call to Arms you had to choose between six different decks: Death and Taxes (green and black hero cards), Green Machine (only green hero cards), Trench Warfare (green and red hero cards), Ascendance (only red hero cards), Out of Control (red and blue hero cards), and Upkeep Killer (black and blue hero cards).

Playing Call to Arms has been free and the event that will replace it will surely follow the same guidelines. All the decks in Call to Arms are preconstructed, which means that you aren’t able to add nor remove any new cards from any deck.

The Call to Arms event will end on December 14th and it will be replaced with a new event that remains to be announced in the following days. Until the event expires try to win as many matches as possible using your favorite deck.
Tell us in comments what you think about Call to Arms and what type of event you’re expecting Valve to launch once this one is over.

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