Check the info below and learn more about Chen and its signature card that is called Hand of God. using these cards you will be allowed to take control of an enemy unit and heal all your allied units.

Chen is a green hero with 4 attack, 0 armor, and 9 health. The active ability of Chen is called Holy Persuasion, and it allows you to “get control of an enemy creep”. The cooldown of Holy Persuasion is set at 4, so you can use it only once every 4 rounds.

Hand of God is a green spell and it is Chen’s signature card. Deploying the Hand of God will require 7 mana points, and it will fully heal each ally, and then it will give Damage Immunity this round for all allies.
Damage Immunity means that the units having it are protected and they cannot be damaged during the combat phase.

The Artifact Beta will go live in mid-November and that’s when we will be able to offer extra info on how to better use Hand of God and Chen and increase your chances of winning your games.
The Beta is accessible only for those with beta keys.

Artifact will be launched officially on November 28th, 2018 and it will be playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and it can be installed from Steam.

The game is going to cost $20, but it will come with two complete pre-made decks consisting of 54 cards each, and ten additional pack with 12 cards inside.
The additional packs will feature at least a rare and a hero card.
These packs with 12 cards inside will be purchasable after the game for $2. Tell us in comments what you think about Artifact and what type of deck are you planning on using when the game goes live.

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