Check the info listed below in order to learn more about Keefe the Bold and its signature card. These cards are great for those that are looking to build their Artifact games around red heroes.

Keefe the Bold is a red hero that has 6 attack, 0 armor and 11 health. The card is a basic one, as it should be found easily when the game launches later this month.

The Signature Card of Keefe the Bold is called Fighting Instinct. The Fighting Instinct card is a red spell that allows players to modify red heroes with +1 Attack and + 1 Armor.
Modified heroes will keep their changes even after they are killed and returned from the Fountain.

Artifact should be launched at the end of this month for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. The game will be purchasable from Steam for $20. It comes with two pre-made decks and 10 additional packs for you to use in order to improve your winning chances.

The pre-made decks that are gifted when Artifact is purchased will contain 54 cards each. The extra packs are also known as Booster Packs and all of these contain 12 cards each with at least one being a rare one, and another should be a hero card.

Remember that there will be an Artifact Beta rolled out ten days from now and, if you own a beta key, then you will be able to test the game before the official release on November 28th, 2018. The Beta is accessible only for those with beta keys received at PAX and The International 18 events a few months ago.

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