In the post below you can find info on Kanna and Prey on the Week.
The Artifact game should go live later today for everyone.

Kanna is a blue hero with 2 attack, 0 armor, and 12 health. Kanna’s ability is known as Bringer of Conquest and it has a continuous effect.
The Bringer of Conquest ability will take the random allied Melee Creeps and put them all in Kanna’s lane.

Prey on the Weak is a blue spell card that requires 4 mana when deployed in a lane. This spell will summon a Hound of War for every damaged unit.
Hound of War is a black creep with 2 attack, 0 armor, and 1 health.

Artifact’s launch is today and if you haven’t bought the game already, then you can go to Steam’s Store and buy it for $20.
The game unfortunately isn’t free to install, but you will get two pre-made decks, 10 booster packs, and five event tickets.

The Event Tickets can be used to play in more competitive game modes. If you use all the event tickets you will be able to purchase extra ones in-game to be used later.

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