Below you can find all the info about Luna, a blue hero, and its signature card called Eclipse.

Luna is an uncommon blue hero that has 3 attack, 0 armor and 8 health. Its ability is reactive and it is called Lucent Beam.
Lucent Beam will deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy before the action phase, and it also adds a charge to each Eclipse (Luna’s signature card) card in your hand or deck.

Piercing Damage given by Lucent Beam will penetrate enemy units armor allowing Luna to deal some damage no matter what kind of armored unit is placed in front of it.

Eclipse is the signature card of Luna, and it is a blue spell. Playing Eclipse will require 6 mana from your tower, and its ability says something like this: “repeat one time for each charge: Deal 3 piercing damage to a random enemy”.
NOTE: Eclipse will start with 0 charges.

Luna’s Lucent Beam will add a charge every time Luna does 1 piercing damage to an enemy unit, and only then Eclipse will get a charge allowing you to use to deal damage to enemy units.

Artifact will have its Beta released some time in November, while the full game should go live on November 28th, 2018. The game will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

The game will be available from Steam for $20, and it will be rolled out with two pre-made decks consisting of 54 cards each, and 10 extra booster packs with 12 cards inside.
The Booster packs will feature rare and a hero card inside minimum. Also, these Booster packs will be available for purchase after the game is launched, a pack should cost $2.

Please use the comments field below and let us know if you’re going to try out Luna when Artifact gets released. Also, feel free to list your ideas on how to create a great Artifact deck.

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