The info below will teach you about Magnus and its signature card called Magnus. Artifact launch is only a couple of days away – we will post all the remaining heroes and their signature cards until the official launch gets here.

Magnus is a green hero with 4 attack, 1 armor, and 9 health. Magnus has no associated ability, but it compensates with its stats and its signature card that can be used to buff the hero with cleave and extra attack damage.

Magnus’ signature card is called Empower and this is a spell card called Empower. The Empower spell’s effect will modify a unit with +3 Attack and +3 Cleave.
Playing Empower on one of your lanes will require 4 mana to be taken from one tower.

Cleave attack will only be used when the unit equipped with it is blocked by an enemy unit. Cleave will deal damage to the enemy units to the left and to the right of the unit you’re attacking.

Cleave damage will not be dealt in case your unit doesn’t have any units in front of it. Note that towers will not receive cleave damage. The game will soon be released for everyone to learn how Cleave works and you will find out that it is pretty easy to understand when Cleave damage will be triggered.

When a unit has Cleave damage you will see two extra arrows drawn right next to the main attack arrow. 

Artifact will be released for everyone on November 28th and you can pre-order it for $20. The game comes packed with two pre-made decks, 10 booster packs, and five events tickets.
Tell us in comments what you think about this game and what type of deck you wish to build when you get your hands on it.

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