Artifact has been launched almost two weeks ago and now we’re taking a look at some of the most important and most expensive cards that you will find when launching the game.

In Artifact cards you can sell your cards and buy others in order to improve our decks when participating in Constructed game modes. Below we will present ten of the most expensive cards in Artifact – most of these cards are heroes and spells.

Axe (hero) – Price Starting at $17.80

Axe is one of the most powerful and best heroes to own when building your first deck in Artifact. This red hero is a rare one and it comes with 7 attack, 2 armor and 11 health.

If you buff Axe’s stats with a couple of attack and health items you will be able to use its signature card, Berserker’s Call, to battle three of its enemy neighbors. Axe is really hard to kill and usually when you have it deployed on one of your lanes you will see the opponent abandoning that particular lane as soon as their hero gets killed.

Drow Ranger (hero) – $13.05

Drow Ranger is a rare green hero and one that is capable of buffing the attack stats of all units you have deployed in all lanes. The hero’s ability has a continuous effect and it gives +1 Attack to all allied units in all lanes.

Another thing that makes Drow Ranger one of the most expensive cards in Artifact is its signature card, a spell called Gust, a cards that when used will silence all enemy heroes for the reminder of the round. Note that this effect will only work on a single lane.

When a hero gets silenced you won’t be able to use any spells nor deploy any creeps sporting the same color as the hero.

Kanna (hero) – $9.03

Kanna is a rare blue hero with 2 Attack, 0 armor and 12 health, which makes it hard to kill. The hero also has a continuous ability that will attract all the random allied creeps into its lane.
Kanna’s ability and signature card allows players to overcrowd a lane and deal tons of damage fast in an Artifact game. The signature card is called Prey on the Weak and you can play it in order to summon a Hound of War for every damaged unit.

Time of Triumph (spell) – $8.17

Time of Triumph is a rare red spell card that allows you to modify allied heroes with +4 Attack, +4 Armor, +4 Health, +4 Cleave, +4 Retaliate, and +4 Siege.

It is a costly card as you will have to wait at least 5 complete rounds before being able to deploy it. The card is great for overcrowded lanes where you are battling against more units that your own, as you can use it to clean most of your opponent’s units and win that lane.

Annihilation (spell) – $7.22

Annihilation is a blue spell that is a must-have for everyone playing with blue heroes. Annihilation basically destroys all the units deployed in a single lane. It is one of the best “defensive” cards you could ever own, as you can simply have a single blue hero deployed in a lane that you’re losing and you will still be allowed to play Annihilation.
NOTE: in case you’re playing Annihilation on a lane where Cheating Death improvement is deployed, then you should know that some of the opponent’s units will surely survive.

Tinker (hero) – $4.62

Tinker is a rare black hero with 7 attack, 0 armor, and 5 health and an active ability that when used allows you to deal 3 manage to a unit and disarm it this round. The ability cooldown has a 3 cooldown.

Another great thing about Tinker is its signature card, March of the Machines. The improvement card has 3 charges and when removing a charge you will deal 2 damage to the enemy tower and 2 damage to each enemy.

Emissary of the Quorum (creep) – $4.46

This is a green creep card that can be used to modify all allies with +2 attack and +2 health with 1 cooldown. Emissary of the Quorum can be used in combination with Drow Ranger in order to greatly improve your allied units attack stats and get control over a lane.

Horn of the Alpha (item) – $4.18

The Horn of the Alpha is a rare item you can purchase in-game during the shopping phase. This item can be used to summon a Thunderhide Pack with 14 attack and 14 health as its stats. Also, Thunderhide Pack has Siege 6 meaning that you can deal damage to both enemy units and tower.

Unearthed Secrets (improvement) – $3.05

Unearthed Secrets is a rare green improvement card that allows you to draw a card after the combat phase if your tower was dealt damage this round. Deploying this card requires 3 mana from your tower. Remember that the card will only work after the combat phase ends, and you can play the card right from the first round.

At Any Cost (spell) – $2.94

At Any Cost is a rare blue spell that deals 6 damage to every unit. Note that the card will apply its effect on all units in a lane, both enemy and allied units, so you should use it only when you’re sure that your units will survive At Any Cost.

These were some of the most important and expensive cards that you can buy from the Artifact’s Steam marketplace. If you think that the cards are way too expensive, then you can wait several days until the prices get lower allowing you to build your perfect Artifact deck.

Feel free to list in comments some of the cards that you think are going to be the most expensive by the end of this year.

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