Check the article info and find out how Necrophos and its signature card are working in Artifact. Note that the card is a green one, so you will need a deck that suits black cards before using it.

Necrophos is a black hero card with 5 attack, 6 health, and 0 armor stats. Necrophos’ ability is a reactive one and its effect will “modify Necrophos with +1 Health after an enemy neighbor dies”.
Note that all the modifications you’re adding to a hero will stay even after it is killed and returned from the Fountain.

The signature card of Necrophos is Heartstopper Aura which is a black spell card capable of “modifying a black hero with: deal 2 piercing damage to this hero’s enemy neighbors before the action phase”.
Heartstopper Aura requires 4 mana to be deployed from one of your towers.
Remember that you can use the Heartstopper Aura only in a lane where a black hero has been previously deployed.

Artifact official launch will be on November 28th, 2018. The game will be playable on Mac, Linux and Windows computers, and it will cost $20.
Before the official launch there will be a Beta roll out for Artifact, and it will be accessible only by those owning a beta key.
The Beta Artifact keys have been previously gifted at The International 18 and at th PAX event a few months ago.

Artifact is not free to play, as it comes with two pre-made decks, and ten extra Booster packs.
The Pre-made decks will contain 54 cards each, and the additional packs will feature 12 cards each. The additional packs, aka Boosters, will contain at least a rare card and an extra hero card. These Booster packs will also be available after the game is rolled out, as you can buy more by paying $2 for one.

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