Check the post below to learn more about the Oglodi Catapult, a new black creep card that has just been revealed for Artifact.
This new creep has been unveiled on Twitter by the Artifact developing team.

The Oglodi Catapult is a black creep with 0 attack, 0 armor, and 4 health stats which don’t look that good. However, this card is destined to be used in order to “deal 2 piercing damage to the enemy tower before the action phase”, as its card text says.

The cards has been unveiled on Twitter by the game’s developing staff. The “piercing tower damage” is great to be used when the enemy tower gains armor points from cards like Vesture of the Tyrant.

Artifact will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux computers on November 28th, 2018. Also, Valve has announced that they are going to roll out the Beta for Artifact two weeks before the full launch. The Beta will be accessible only for those owning a beta key.

Artifact will cost $20 and it will be purchasable from the Steam Store. The game comes with two pre-made decks containing 54 cards, and the ten additional packs with 12 cards inside. The additional packs are also known as Booster packs, and these packs will feature 12 cards of which one is a rare and another should be a hero card.

The Booster packs will be available in-game when Artifact is officially released. One Booster pack should be priced at $2. Tell us in comments what type of deck you wish to build. Also, feel free to list some of your favorite Artifact cards, too.

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