In this post you will find info about Outworld Devourer and its premier card. These cards have been unveiled a few months back, but we’re going to present all the Artifact heroes until the game’s official release date.

Outworld Devourer is a blue hero and it packs a reactive ability called Essence Aura. This hero’s stats are 4 attack, 0 armor, and 6 health.
The Essence Aura ability says that “after you play a blue card, there is a 50% chance to restore 2 Mana”. 

Astral Imprisonment is the signature card of Outworld Devourer. It is a blue spell card that will “stun a unit for this round, and then give that unit Damage Immunity for the same round”. Deploying Astral Imprisonment will require 4 mana from the tower.

Stun in Artifact will completely block an enemy unit from attacking, so that it won’t deal any combat damage. Also, items and abilities are disabled while the unit is stunned. Stun will strip the heroes of their colors, so that the enemy will not be able to deploy any spell in the lane where the stunned enemy is deployed. NOTE: if there is another hero that is not stunned, and it has the same color as the stunned hero, then you will be able to deploy spells as the color-casting is confirmed by the free hero.

Damage Immunity is given to the targeted unit by the Astral Imprisonment spell. A unit with Damage Immunity will not be dealt any damage from any source. Units with Damage Immunity will be killed only using Condemnation.

The Artifact Beta should go live some time in mid-November, and then we should be able to offer more info on how to best use both cards in order to maximize your match winning chances.
Artifact full launch will take place on November 28th and it will be available from Steam.

Artifact is playable on Mac, Linux and Windows computers. It will cost $20 to install and it will come with 2 pre-made decks, and 10 additional 12-card packs.
The additional Artifact packs are also known as Booster packs, and all of them will contain at least a rare and a hero card inside. These types of packs will be priced at $2 once the game gets released.

Tell us in comments what you think about Artifact, and what deck type you’re looking to use when the game is released.

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