Check out the article in order to learn more about Phantom Assassin and its Coup de Grace.

Phantom Assassin is a black hero with 6 attack, 0 mana and 8 health. This hero has an ability with continuous effect called Efficient Killer. The ability’s effect deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.
Remember that the damage buff of Phantom Assassin will not be applied in case it doesn’t have a hero in front of it.

Coup de Grace is the signature card of Phantom Assassin, and it is a black spell that when used will “Condemn a hero while discarding a random card”. Make sure that when the using the card that you are aware of all the cards in your hand, and you are ready to use one of them.

Artifact will launch later today worldwide, and you can still get a copy by going to Steam Store here. The game is available for $20 and you will get two pre-made decks, five event tickets and 10 extra booster packs.
The Booster packs contain one hero, one rare card, and two item cards.

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