You can find info about Debbi the Cunning and how it acts in the game by reading the article below.

Debbi the Cunning was previously known as Riley the Cunning, but Valve had a change of heart and decided to rename it to Debbi. However, the card was first known as Debbie, as that was the name placeholder set for it, but when the early development of the game went live the black hero was given the name Riley the Cunning.
The Artifact community didn’t like that and they asked for the name of the card to stay as Debbie, or a similar one. Valve said OK to the newly born meme, and now we’re getting a black Artifact hero called Debbie without the “e”.

Debbi the Cunning is a black hero card that has 7 attack, 0 armor, and 5 health as its stats. It is a basic hero and its signature card is called No Accident.
Also, Debbi the Cunning has a Continuous Effect ability called Work the Knife. The ability effect deals +2 damage when attacking a hero or tower.
If no unit is blocking Debbi, then by activating Work the Knife you will be able to deal 2 damage directly to the enemy tower in that lane.

No Accident is the signature card of Debbi the Cunning. It is a black spell that allows players to give 3 damage to a unit. These signature cards are always coming with their assigned hero, and there are 3 copies of these cards in every deck. Playing No Accident will require 3 mana to be deployed.

Artifact should launch on November 28th, 2018 for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. The game is going to be available on Steam, and it will cost $20.
The game comes packed with two pre-made decks containing 54 cards, and ten Booster Packs containing 12 cards each. The Booster packs will feature at least a rare and a hero card every time. Also, these Booster packs can be purchased after the game is released for $2 each.

You can use the comments field in order to let us know if you’re planning on playing the Artifact game on release date. Also, note that the Artifact Beta should go live a few days before the official launch, but it is only accessible by those owning a beta key.

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