Check the article in order to learn more about Rix and its abilities. Artifact launch is not that far away, as it will be released next week for everybody, and until then you can use our website to learn more about all the heroes and their capabilities.

Rix is a green hero that is capable of returning to the battlefield without missing a turn like the other heroes. In Artifact all the heroes in your deck are returned to the game after missing a round. All the killed heroes are sent to the Fountain, and they cannot be returned from there no matter what you’re doing.

Rix has 3 health, 0 armor, and 7 health. Its stats aren’t the best, but Rix can be used in a more control oriented deck, as you can re-deploy it the next round and stall the opponenet’s strategy until you can begin your attack phase and destroy its defenses.

Rix has a signature card that is called Act of Defiance, and this is a spell card that is capable of Silencing a unit for a round. Silence is an Artifact keyword that will block an enemy opponent from dealing any damage during combat phase. Also, a silenced unit cannot have any ability activated until Silence is removed.

Artifact will be launched on November 28th, and if you’re planning on using Rix in your deck, then I must warn you, as it is surely a hero that should be used by advanced players, and that you will require tons of practice with it in order to use it to its maximum capability.

The game is not free to play, as you can pre-order it for $20. It comes packed with two premade decks, 10 additional booster packs and five event tickets you can use to play the more competitive game modes. Tell us in comments what you think about, and if you’re already in the Beta, then feel free to list your favorite deck combination.

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