Below you can find info about the Skywrath Mage and its Signature Card and how you can use them both to improve your chances of winning a game in Artifact.

Skywrath Mage is a blue hero with 3 attack, 0 armor, and 6 health points. Also, the card’s active ability is called Concussive Shot, and this ability will allow Skywrath Mage to “give a hero and its allied neighbors -2 Armor this round.”
You ca use the Skywrath Mage on an enemy hero in order to weak them and make your battle during the combat phase easier. Note: Concussive Shot has a cooldown of 2, which means that you can activate it only after two extra rounds have passed since its first activation.

Skywrath Mage’s signature card is called Mystic Flare and it is a spell card. Mystic Flare is a blue spell that costs 6 mana to deploy. This spell’s effect “deals 12 damage evenly divided among a unit and all of its allied neighbors”.

Artifact will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux computers on November 28th, 2018. The game will also feature a Beta stage that should go live a few weeks before the full launch takes place.

Artifact will cost $20 and it will be available from Steam. It is not free to play, as it comes with two pre-made packs containing 54 cards and ten booster packs containing 12 cards each. The Booster Packs will contain at least a rare and another hero card.
These Booster packs will be purchasable after the game is released for $2. 
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