The post below presents Storm Spirit and its signature card, Ball Lightning, two black cards that you might want to add to your deck when Artifact goes live next week.

The Storm Spirit blach hero comes with 4 attack, 0 armor, and 6 health points. Storm Spirit has a reactive ability called Overload, and its ability will “give Storm Spirit +2 Attack until the end of its next combat phase after you play a black card in any lane”.
This card’s ability is pretty interesting, as the hero will gain +2 attack for any black card that you play in any lane, so you can deploy it in the last lane and before the combat phase you can play as many black cards as you wish and Storm Spirit will be able to beat almost any enemy units depending on the cards you’ve previously played during the round.

Storm Spirit has a signature card called Ball Lightning, a spell card that needs 3 mana in order to be deployed in a lane with a black hero in it. The Ball Lightning’s effect will allow you to move an allied black hero to an empty combat position in any lane.

If you’re a player using black heroes, then you should at least consider using Storm Spirit in some of your games, as it will surely be able to turn the tables late in a game and help you win the whole match in a single round – that will work only if you’ll thoroughly prepare your moves before using Storm Spirit’s resources.

Artifact will be launched on November the 28th, and you can already pre-order it for $20. It is not free to play, as it comes with two premade decks, 10 additional booster packs each with 12 cards inside, and five event tickets for you to use when entering Gauntlet competitive game modes.

Tell us in comments if you’re a fan of Storm Spirit, and which is the best strategy to be used for this particular hero.

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