In this post you can find info about Ursa and Enrage, its signature card.
If you’re a player that wants to play using an aggro deck, then you will find Ursa to be the perfect hero for that type of deck.

Ursa is a red hero with 7 attack, 0 armor, and 10 health as its stats. It also packs a reactive ability called Fury Swipes that will modify a unit taking battle damage from Ursa with -1 Armor.
Every time Ursa deals battle damage to an enemy unit, that particular unit will have its armor reduced by a point.

Enrage is the signature card of Ursa. This card is a red spell that gives a red hero +4 Attack and +4 Armor this round.
Enrage can be used on any lane where you have previously deployed a red hero. Note that Enrage doesn’t work only with Ursa.

If you’re an aggressive card game player who prefers to do damage quickly, then Ursa is the hero you need. In only two rounds Ursa can do enough damage using its signature card to give you a notable advantage against you’re enemy.

Artifact will get launched later today. If you haven’t purchased the game until now, then you can go to Steam and buy it for $20.
The game comes with two pre-made decks, 10 free booster packs and five event tickets.
You can buy extra Booster Packs from the in-game store for $2, and each pack will contain a rare card, a hero card and two item cards.

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