Artifact’s latest new feature has been BOT Gauntlet with AI difficulty support.
If you don’t want to test your decks against human players, then the BOT Gauntlet on HARD difficulty is your best bet when looking to improve your constructed deck.

If you’ve built a new deck, but you’re not that sure about some of the extra cards you’ve added in your deck, or in case you simply want to see how your constructed deck performs against random decks, then you should try to test it in the Bot Challenge mode.

The Bot Challenge mode allows you to play against an AI Bot that gets better and better with each game you start. In this mode you will have to win five times before losing two games against the bot.
Note that the AI gets better and will use a better deck after it loses against you, so you should expect it to be a real challenge after wining two-three games.

In Bot Challenge mode you can create any deck you wish using the cards you own. So, in case you’ve gotten your hands on some new cards and you don’t know exactly how these are working, then you should first try to test them against a bot and only afterwards get them to battle against a human opponent.

When playing against a bot you don’t have to worry about the playing time, as you can take as much time as you want before doing any actions, as there is no countdown timer in Bot Challenge. Another great thing about this “test” mode is that the bot will complete its game actions instantly and you won’t have to wait like you do when playing against humans.

Use Bot Challenge mode for testing your new decks, and tell us in comments if you found it useful. Also, feel free to list some of your best tactics that you’ve used so far in Artifact.

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