Below you can find the info on Omniknight and its signature card.

Omniknight is a green card hero with 5 attack, 0 armor and 12 health. This hero’s active ability is called Purification and when using it you can choose an allied unit and heal it with 3 points.

Allseeing One’s Favor is the signature card of Omniknight and when using it you will be able to “modify a green hero with Allies have +2 Regeneration
Using Omniknight and Allseeing One’s Favor will allow you to reduce enemy combat damage by healing them every round if Omniknight survives the round. Also, note that the signature card spell will work with any other different green hero.

Modifying a hero will have the effects remain applied even after the hero dies and gets to return from the Fountain.
Regeneration is an Artifact mechanic and it means that your units can be healed with the amount of Regeneration is listed on the cards used. Also, Regeneration will work only for damage taken during Combat Phase, and it will always be applied before the game checks if your unit should die.

Artifact is only a few days away, we will continue to present all the heroes before the launch gets here. Tell us in comments what deck you’re planning on building when the game is launched.

The game will be launched on Steam and it is available for $20, or 17.95 Euros if you’re in a region using Euro as its currency. 
Artifact comes with two pre-made decks, 10 free booster packs, and five event tickets to be used in more competitive game modes like Gauntlet.

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