Check the post below and learn more about the Sniper hero card, its active ability and signature card called Assassinate.
The card will mostly be used in aggressive decks, and if you’re one then you should take a look at this black hero.

Sniper is a black hero card that features 5 attack, 0 armor, and 6 health. The active ability of Sniper is called Headshot, and when activated it will deal 5 damage to a unit of your choosing.
Headshot can be activated only one every 3 rounds, as it has a cooldown timer.

Sniper’s signature card is Assassinate, a black spell card that needs 7 mana points in order to be deployed. Assassinate is capable of dealing 10 piercing damage to a unit in any lane. Piercing Damage means that you can deal damage to units that are buffed with armor points. A 10 piercing damage makes Assassinate a really good card, as it can kill most of the heroes in Artifact with a single use.
Note that in Artifact you will get three signature cards for each hero, so with Assassinate you should be able to deal 30 piercing damage before you run out of them. Remember that Assassinate can only be used in lanes where you have deployed a black hero.

Artifact Beta is not that far away, as it should be released some time in mid-November, so we should then be able to provide a better strategy for you to use in case you will add Sniper and Assassinate 3 signature cards to your deck.
The full game launch will happen on November 28th, 2018 and it will be done on Steam.

Artifact is going to cost $20, and it will come packed with two pre-made decks containing 54 cards each, and 10 additional extra packs with 12 cards inside. The additional packs are also known as Booster packs, and these will be available after the game is rolled out. Each Booster pack will cost $2 and all of them will contain at least a hero card and another rare card.

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