Below you can find info about Sorla Khan and its signature card Assault Ladders. The game launch is not that far away and until then we will present all the hero cards that you will find after installing the game.

The Sorla Khan card is a black hero with 8 attack, 0 armor, and 6 health. This hero has an ability with continuous effect called Warmonger.
Warmonger will buff Sorla Khan with +4 attack every time it attacks a tower directly.

Assault Ladders is the signature card of Sorla Khan, and it is an improvement card that costs 3 mana to deploy. This improvement when deployed will buff all allied units with +2 damage when attacking a tower.

The game will be launched tomorrow, and you can pre-order it from Steam for $20. Artifact is not free to install, as it comes with two pre-made decks, 10 booster packs, and five event tickets to be used in competitive Gautlet modes.

All the Booster packs will contain a rare card, a hero card, and two item cards. You will be able to buy extra Booster packs for $2 after the game is launched, and you will need these in order to improve your own deck.

Tell us in comments what you think about the game and what type of Artifact deck will you be building. Also, feel free to list some of your favorite cards, too.

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