Check our post and learn more about Tidehunter and its signature card called Kraken Shell.
Artifact launch is not that far away and we’re going to present all the heroes and their signature cards until then.

Tidehunter is a red hero with 2 attack, 1 armor, and 18 health. The hero also has an active ability called Ravege.
Ravage when active will “stun Tidehunter’s enemy neighbors this round and each other enemy has a 50% change of being stunned this round.”

Stunning an enemy units will prevent them from attacking and using abilities, equipping and activating items. Also, spell-casting is blocked when the unit is stunned which means that the units’ colors will be removed for as long as the stun effect is enabled.

Kraken Shell is the signature card of Tidehunter and its effect allows you to modify a red hero with +1 Armor. Also, Kraken Shell when used will give the player initiative. This card is basically a red spell and you will be able to use it with other red heroes, too.

Artifact will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux computers on November 28th this year. The game will cost $20 and it will be available from Steam.

Artifact Beta should go live a few weeks before the official launch. The Artifact Beta will be accessible only for those that own a beta key. The access codes were gifted at The International 18, and at the PAX event a few months ago.

Artifact comes packed with two pre-made decks with 54 cards inside for each deck. Also, the game will contain ten additional booster packs, each containing 12 cards inside. Note that the booster packs will always feature a rare and a hero card minimum. Also, these packs will be purchasable for $2 per pack after the game is released.

Use the comments field to let us know what you think about this game. Also, feel free to list some of your favorite Artifact cards and how you’re planning on using them in your decks.

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