Artifact will receive a brand new official update bundled with several new important features.
Keep an eye on your Steam app in the following days, as the new update should be made available before the weekend gets here.

PlayArtifact has confirmed at least two new important additions for Artifact: in-game chat and colorblind support. The new update will come with week, and you will be allowed to control your hero cards and make them say something back to your enemy, you will also be able to send custom message, or use the classic Steam chat.

Chat support in Artifact was one of the most requested features by the Artifact community, as there are tons of games where you simply need to acknowledge your opponent’s skill and make his defeat feel better. 

Artifact will also get “color blind accessibility options” – this will allow people to easily distinguish the card colors and make their matches feel better than before. Color Blind Accessibility options will “impact cards, the HUD and the Deck Builder”.

For those that are worrying about going against toxic players, don’t, as Artifact will feature a Block feature to be used when dealing with those types of players.

Artifact Developers have also confirmed that they are working on adding a ranking system and challenges for players, but this should only go live in 2019. We’re hoping that these updates are coming fast, as the gameplay in Artifact is not too bad and it can only get better from here on. 
Tell us in comments what you think about Artifact, and what kind of features would you like to see added in the future.

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