Valve has rolled out the second big Artifact update and it should be the last one rolled out this year.

A new important update should be available for everyone a few weeks into January 2019.

“Build Your Legend” update features two paths for Artifact players to follow: the Path of Glory and the  Path of Mastery.

The Path of Glory will rewards players with XP bonus, player icons, new card packs and event tickets, and other playstyle rewards.
The Path of Mastery allows players to rank up to level 75 in Skill Rating, it brings independent ratings for constructed and draft game modes. Also, now we will be getting Seasonal Ratings that will continue whenever a new season arrives.

Every time you reach a new tier level you will be granted rewards in the form of avatars for your profile, free packs and event tickets. You can get a maximum of 15 free packs and another 15 free event tickets in an entire season.

Winning 3 games in a single week will grant a big XP bonus, so you should be able to easily climb up the levels and get your rewards added to your account.

The Playstyle awards will grant you extra XP bonus in case you win in style such as winning without using any heal items, or by fully equipping a hero’s item slots, and other more.

From now on in Artifact you will be ranked from level 1 and up to level 75. Beating players with higher skill levels will offer better ratings, so you should always look to ways on beating those players.
Every time a season gets restarted will get you back to level 1.

Constructed and Draft modes will feature different ratings, so you should be able to easily differentiate between these two.

Another cool new change applied in this new Artifact update is Card Balancing.
Numerous cards effects, stats and abilities have been modified in order to better reflect its cards’ strengths and weaknesses.

Below we will list all the new changes done to all the Artifact cards.

Axe has had its base stats reduced from 7 attack, 2 armor, 11 health to 6 attack, 2 armor and 10 health. Axe still remains one of the strongest heroes in the game despite the base stats reduction.

Bloodseeker has its health points improved with +1, so now it looks like 7 attack and 7 health compared to 7 attack and 6 health before.
Bloodseeker’s signature spell now costs 4 mana, as Blood Rage previously required 5 mana points in order to be deployed.

Cheating Death has also been nerfed, as it was one of the most controversial cards in Artifact with hordes of players requesting for it to have its effect reduced or removed completely from the game.

Previously, Cheating Death’s effect said “if there is an allied green hero it this lane, allies have a 50% change of surviving with 1 health when they would die”.

Now, its effect has been changed to this: “Active (Cooldown 1): Give a unit a Death Shield this round. May only be used if there is an allied green hero in this lane.”
The change has been received with great enthusiasm, as Cheating Death now can be used to save a single unit instead of all the units in a single lane.
Also, playing Cheating Death will require 4 mana instead of 5 mana points as it did before.

Drow Ranger’s signature card called Gust has also been nerfed, as it previously was able to “silence all enemy heroes for the whole duration of a round”, and now it has been changed to “Silence an enemy hero and its allied neighbors”.

Jasper Daggers is an item that now costs 5 mana to deploy, this was reduced from 7. Also, the Jasper Daggers’ effect now says “Equipped hero has +2 attack and Pierce. Equip Effect: Purge your opponent’s effects from equipped hero”. The card previously only featured the +2 Attack and Pierce effect.

Lion has had its active ability effect changed to “deal 8 piercing damage to a unit. Quickem.”
Quicken is a newly added keyword, it reduces cooldown with 1 every time you use it, but it won’t go lower than 1.
Lion’s Finger of Death has a base cooldown of 4 at game start, and every time you use its active ability you will see the cooldown go lower.

Outworld Devourer


These were all the cards modified by Valve, and we expect them to modify others in future updates.

Another keyword added with this update is called Equip Effect, and it means that an item having it will trigger the effect immediately after the item is equipped to a hero card.

The new Artifact update also brings bug fixes, performance improvements and some other minor UI errors have been repaired, too.

Tell us in comments what you think about these changes. Also, feel free to list some other changes that you expect to see added in future Artifact updates.

If you are a fan of card games and you haven’t bought Artifact until now, then you can get it from Steam here.
NOTE: after buying the game you will get 2 complete decks, 5 free card packs each with 12 cards inside and 5 additional event tickets, too. 
Previously, new players would’ve gotten 10 free packs when buying the game, but this has been reduced as you can earn new free packs by leveling up in-game.

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